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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 42

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Race to the Future

Gary Hayes

Technology is moving fast and the development of LiDAR for autonomous vehicles is moving quickly with it. LASER COMPONENTS is taking the road ahead, keeping up with the demands for laser ranging and detection safety features and enhancing a healthier environment with the monitoring of emission. Vehicles of the near future will include a myriad of sensors to interact with the environment, other transportation vehicles, people, and infrastructure; and creating an awareness that reduces stress in regards to collisions.

As a company interacting with the technology and moving it along, we also look forward to interacting with you at our upcoming Photonics West, 2019 booth. We welcome you to stop by and learn more about these components that are ­transporting us in the industry. Or learn more at our full-day industry workshop where we will cover the specifics of lasers, optics, and detectors for the most advancing ­photonics applications. If you’re looking to join the race, start with us at booth #1751.

Ready, set, go!

Gary Hayes
CEO/General Manager, Laser Components USA, Inc.

Technologies in the Automotive Industry

  • More Autonomy
    Modern sensor technology as the eyes and the ears of the driving car
  • Fitting Parts in Assembly Lines
    Gap measurement using line lasers result in higher throughput and quality
  • Electromobility
    Laser material processing makes many key components possible
  • In the Service of the Environment
    How laser spectroscopy can keep air clean

Events & Industry News

  • Industry Workshop at SPIE Photonics West
    A multitude of free workshops pertaining to optics and optoelectronics
  • 6th International IR WORKshop
    Think tank event that covers the whole field of infrared
  • Latest Updates
    from LASER COMPONENTS and Partners

SPAD Array

Conventional LiDAR scanners use a failure-prone mechanism with rotating mirrors. Flash LiDAR technology, however, uses highly-sensitive 2D...

The pulsed laser diode model 905D1S3J09UA is qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard, meeting the highest quality standards for use in the automotive...

Machine Vision Line Laser MVsquare

One major challenge in the series production of 3D sensor systems for industrial image processing is the fine adjustment of the line laser. Focus and...


FLEXPOINT modules with an integrated external thread can be easily integrated in standardized systems. The MV18 is the latest in the range of line...

ILM12IP DOE Crosshair Laser Module

The FLEXPOINT ILM12F laser module has always been robust; and now the ILM12IP version is virtually indestructible. This new housing complies with...

Wednesday, February 06, 2019 - Moscone Center (North Exhibit Level) Part I: 8:30 – 10:30 am How to Specify Polarizers, Laser Optics, and Spatial...

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