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Linear APD Arrays - New Standard Versions

Optimally Suited for Time-of-Flight Measurements


In addition to the linear Si APD arrays with twelve elements, the Laser Components Detector Group has now also included arrays with eight and sixteen elements in its standard range.

The LCC44 housing of these new models makes it possible, on the one hand, to mount the components as SMDs on circuit boards. On the other hand, it offers enough space for the integrated multi-channel amplifier circuit. For operation, only one voltage is required for the array, whereas 5 V are required for the electronics.

The components are based on fast, low-noise avalanche diodes arranged in a monolithic array. Our arrays are characterized by a very narrow gap between the elements. This gap is just 40 µm. Furthermore, they have a very low temperature coefficient. Their sensitivity is optimized for the NIR range between 800 nm and 900 nm.

Upon request, we also build linear arrays according to your specifications. You determine the number and size of the individual elements; they can be arranged along one or two axes.


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