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New Line of Differential Pyroelectric Detectors

Plug-and-Play Version with an Integrated Two-Stage Amplifier


With our differential pyroelectric detectors, the charge carriers on the top and bottom of the chip are able to be amplified separately for the first time. This causes the detector signal to double while the background noise only increases by a factor of 1.4. This patent-pending idea can significantly increase the sensitivity of IR analyzers. The separate signal outputs make the detector insensitive to interference currents.

For better implementation in existing systems, we now also offer a version with a classic 3-pin housing. Both signals are fed into a differential amplifier in the housing. For the user, the detector looks normal at first glance: a single supply (i.e., only one signal output). The difference is evident in the application: The signal-to-noise ratio is around 50% better than with conventional high-end models.


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Differential Pyroelectric Detector

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