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Single Photon Counting Modules

Single photon counting modules. So-called single photon counting modules are used to count single photons. These photon counters, sold under the brand name COUNT®, offer phenomenally low dark count rates and a high detection efficiency.


COUNT® S - A passively quenched single photon counter with an active area of 500 µm.


Our single photon counters are also available with a larger active area of 500 µm.
Due to the standard, high detection efficiencies of 65% at 670 nm and 45% at 810 nm and dark count rates in the range of 1000-5000 cps, the COUNT® S series is an attractive alternative to actively quenched COUNT modules.

With count rates of up to 800 Kcps, the COUNT® S is particularly well suited for experiments with high school and college students in the field of laser physics and quantum optics.

The COUNT® S series can be fiber coupled and is also available with a suitable power supply on an optional basis, similar to other COUNT series modules.

  • Wavelength range:  400-1000 nm
  • Detection efficiency at 670 nm: more than 60%
  • Dark count rate:  1000-5000 cps
  • Operational voltage of 12 VDC required

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