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Uncoated Substrates

A substrate is the basic component of a laser optic. Plano substrates, curved substrates for mirrors, lenses for laser and sensor applications, and prisms are all available for delivery. A coating can be applied to all of these substrates.

Plano-convex and plano-concave substrates for mirror coatings
Spherical concave mirror substrates
Parabolic mirrors

Curved Mirror Substrates

Curved mirror substrates are available as plano-concave or plano-convex substrates.

Uncoated Substrates

Curved mirror substrates are available as plano-concave or plano-convex substrates. They differ from plano-concave and plano-convex lenses in their center thickness, which is higher in mirror substrates. This counteracts the possible deterioration of the surface figure resulting from the application of dielectric coatings. Alternatively lenses may also be used.


Mirror substrates are most commonly used in laser resonators. They are equipped with highly reflective or partially reflective coatings.


The majority of mirror substrates are available as BK7 substrates; however, fused silica substrates can also be used for the highest power levels.


All mirror substrates can be manufactured with customer-specific radii of curvature.

Spherical Concave Mirror Substrates

Concave mirror substrates are often used in resonators. This application is very advantageous because the concave surface facilitates a resonator that is easy to adjust. Convex mirror substrates are often used in resonators.


Parabolic Mirror Substrates

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures high quality parabolic mirrors on glass substrates that feature excellent form accuracy and micro surface roughness. Because of these features, the laser mirrors are extremely efficient in laser applications.


In addition to parabolic mirrors, which are primarily used in thin-disc lasers, we have other aspherical surfaces available for the most diverse applications.

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Lenses from Laser Components

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures lenses in house. Here you can find more information about our production facility.

Production Facility