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Cables for Special Applications

Whether you need sterilized fibers for use in medical technology or SMA connectors for high power levels, we are your partner for such cables. You will profit from our short delivery times and high flexibility in customer-specific requests.

Fibers with High Power SMA

Assembled fibers with SMA connectors and free-standing fibers.

Cables for Special Applications

These fiber assemblies are equipped with SMA connectors and Mitsubishi-compatible D80 connectors, both of which have a free-standing fiber. Because the fiber end face in this connector is “free” standing, it can be coupled with higher power. The amount of power depends on the coupling conditions.

High-Power Optical Fiber Connectors

Coupling high power in glued standard SMA connectors leads to their rapid demise. This problem used to be solved by allowing the optical fiber to protrude out of the ferrule; however, this is disadvantageous because such a design is extremely fragile and does not correspond with the SMA standard.

Both the high-power SMA and high-power D80 connectors offer a viable alternative to this previous approach: The optical fiber end face does not protrude out of the connector but rather is aligned to its end face. Within the connector, the fiber is free standing and surrounded by air (see figure). This ensures the coupling of high power!

Adhesives are not used in the front part of the connector. In addition, metallic parts provide for the rapid conduction of heat.

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