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InGaAs Photodiodes 500 - 2600 nm

IR photodiodes with an emphasis on quantum efficiency: LASER COMPONENTS develops and manufactures photodiodes in the spectral range of up to 2600 nm.

InGaAs Detectors

The InGaAs Detectors series IG17, IG22 and IG26 were developed with an emphasis on quantum efficiency. 

Main Applications for IR Photodiodes:

  • Spectroscopy (and NIR-FTIR in particular)
  • Laser monitoring
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS)
  • Spectrophotometry, e.g. for measuring moisture
  • Sorting applications
  • Flame regulation

Key Features Include the Following:

  • Peak sensitivities from 1.05 A/W to 1.45 A/W
  • High dynamic range
  • High linearity
  • Low temperature coefficient of the sensitivity of up to 0.01%/K
  • Panchromatic, i.e. sensitive in the Vis and NIR ranges

InGaAs and Extended InGaAs Photodiodes by Laser Components

LASER COMPONENTS produces photodiodes in house at our production facility in Arizona. They have been available on the market since 2013 and offer a strong cost-performance ratio.

The following InGaAs detectors and Extended InGaAs photodiodes are available:

  • IG17 series (500-1700 nm)
  • IG22 series (500-2200 nm)
  • IG26 series (500-2600 nm)

This product portfolio was designed with great attention to detail: One of our most obvious features is the panchromatic nature of all of our InGaAs photodiodes, providing detection down to 500 nm. Further advantages include a lower temperature coefficient and a reduced off-area sensitivity.  

Active diameters from 0.25 mm to 3 mm are available as standard, and are available in hermetically-sealed TO housings with or without an integrated Peltier cooler, as an SMD, on a ceramic mount, or simply as a chip.

In addition to the industry standard sizes of 1 mm and 2 mm, we also have an in-between active area size available: 1.3 mm. This makes it possible to package the photodiode in a TO-46 housing (with a base diameter of 5.3 mm), delivering 70% more signal in  the same housing dimensions compared to a photodiode with an active area of 1 mm.

Customer-specific designs are possible, such as hermetic integration of interference filters.

Our IR Detectors

Panchromatic, photoconductive and thermal detectors

InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

Modern InGaAs PIN photodiodes are panchromatic and convert broadband light to photocurrents in the Vis-NIR range. Concretely speaking, this means a sensitivity range from 500 nm to 1700 nm for regular InGaAs and – in increments – up to 2600 nm for extended InGaAs. Variations for data transmission are not panchromatic.


PbS and PbSe Detectors

PbS is a standard SWIR semiconductor detector (1 - 3.3 µm) whereas PbSe is used in the MWIR range (1 - 4.7 µm when uncooled; up to 5.2 µm when cooled). Our lead salt detectors are photoconductive; the detector resistance is reduced during illumination. The crystal structure is polycrystalline and is produced via chemical deposition.

Pyroelectric IR Detectors

A pyroelectric IR detector is a thermal detector in that it responds to the change in heat (IR) absorbed on its surface. Thermal detectors are polychromatic with a very wide spectral bandwidth.

The nature of the pyroelectric effect is that in a highly-ordered crystal (or ceramic), a temperature change in the element causes its atoms to move slightly out of position. This rearranges its electrical charge, which is measured in the electrodes on its surface.

The pyroelectric effect is found in many materials.  The most commonly-used materials are deuterated lanthanum α alanine-doped triglycine sulfate (DLaTGS) and lithium tantalate (LTO).

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