InGaAs Line Arrays

Xenics Infrared Solutions, a Belgian company, was founded at the start of the millennium. The name of the company is a play on words and translates to mean “I can’t see anything.” It describes the infrared spectral range. Xenics (also pronounced: see nix) has approximately 80 employees today.

Xenics was originally founded as the European manufacturing solution in response to the industrial demand for multiplexed InGaAs arrays and FPAs. As it turned out, often only the end products were needed; therefore, they made the switch to camera manufacturing. In addition to their own chips, the cameras also include externally purchased products.

InGaAs Line Arrays for Quick and High-Resolution Measurements
Over the course of 2013, the idea came to life to go “back to the roots” and offer a line of high-resolution and quick InGaAs line array products as components. In May of 2014, a distribution agreement was signed between Xenics and LASER COMPONENTS to this effect.

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