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Words cannot express what we are feeling.

Nevertheless, we would like to extend our sympathy and thoughts, especially to our colleagues residing in Paris.

Photonics News, Issue 76

The Company Newspaper - Brand New Issue Available

Get the newest news - read the Photonics News company magazine and find out more about new products, company and industry news. You can also order your printed version!

Discount Price Laser Optics*

Choose from over 1,000 different laser optics

Discount prices are not only available for selected laser optics but also for diffractive optics. The offer is valid for orders placed by Dec. 18, 2015. You will find further information here:

Special Price: PRONTO-250

Christmas Sale until 18.12.2015*

Pocket-sized laser power meters: This is the most appropriate description of the PRONTO-250. Save on orders placed by December 18, 2015*.

Trade to Save

Up to 2,000 EUR Cashback*

With your purchase of a FITEL S178Av2 3-axis splicer, we will pay you up to EUR 2,000.00 for your old unit (depending on the model)! Read more about it.

Read the Newest News

Succession Plan at Laser Components Canada


The story of Laser Components Canada began more than a decade ago. It was a time when it was ...

Coated Lasers Optics up to a Diameter of 390 mm


LASER COMPONENTS has recently installed a coater for PIAD coatings (plasma ion-assisted ...

ConnectFiber: Input Couplers for SM, PM, and MM Fibers


Coupling the laser light of free-beam lasers in an optical fiber with a small core diameter ...

Laser Components - Competence in Components

  • Development, production and distribution of custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
  • More than 30 years of experience as manufacturer and distributor
  • More than 35,000 individual components, mostly custom developments
  • International focus
  • More than 40 leading suppliers under contract
  • Revenue greater than 50 M EUR
  • 200 employee worldwide



A worldwide network!

At LASER COMPONENTS stability, continuity, and decisions aimed at long-term success meet with dynamics, flexibility, shallow hierarchies, and a short decision making process.

At a family-run business this is not a contradiction but the rather the result of two generations working together in harmony to lead the company into the future.

Herzlich Willkommen bei LASER COMPONENTS! LASER COMPONENTS ist Ihr Partner für alle Komponenten rund um die Laseroptik und Optoelektronik. Das große Produktsortiment lässt sich in die folgenden Katagorieren einteilen: Detektoren, Laserdioden, Lasermodule, Elektroniken, Laseroptik, Optische Filter, Messtechnik, Faseroptik und Laserzubehör. So unterschiedlich die Komponenten für die Lasertechnik, so verschieden deren Anwendungen. Sie reichen von der Sensorik über Rangefinding bis hin in die Biotechnologie mit Umwelt- und Life Science Applikationen sowie Medizintechnik. Klassische industrielle Anwendungen wie die Lasermaterialbearbeitung oder Messtechnik gehören ebenso zum Alltags-Geschäft wie die industrielle Bildverarbeitung und der Einsatz in der Telekommunikation. Entscheiden Sie sich für LASER COMPONENTS: Wir bieten Ihnen eine kompetente Beratung in allen Bereichen des umfangreichen Sortiments. Die kundenspezifische Produkt-Entwicklung liegt uns dabei besonders am Herzen. Damit Sie das Produkt erhalten, was Sie sich wünschen!