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AFL Noyes

LC Appointed Master Distributor by AFL Noyes

Since April 1, LASTER COMPONENTS is the official Master Distributor in Germany for the test and measurement equipment manufactured by AFL Noyes.

Step Ahead - LC Campus

Workshops and Seminars

Several times a year LASER COMPONENTS offers workshops on different topics. These events are either held at our headquarters in Olching or - during trade shows - on-site at the venue.

IR Emitters and Detectors

Semiconductor Production Facility in Arizona Expanded

In Tempe, Arizona, we are manufacturing a completely new product line: InGaAs PIN diodes up to 2.6 µm cut-off and IR emitters. Larry Johnson, known to many as a specialist in IR components, has been a part of our team since autumn and is expanding this production line.

Know How

Quantum Cryptography and COUNT® Modules

The NSA affair has once again catapulted the subjects of data security and, more specifically, data exchange into the focus of the media and the public. How do you prevent data from being intercepted by a third party?

Starting at 266 nm

High-Power IBS Coatings in the UV Range

Ion beam sputtering (IBS) makes it possible to create very compact and homogeneous layers that retain barely any water and are thus extremely low drift. As a result, mirrors with reflections of R > 99.99% can be manufactured.

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Laboratory Microscope for Thick Fibers and POFs


LASER COMPONENTS expands its optical fiber business and introduces the FVD-2080. The digital ...

Peak Performance of Pulsed Laser Diodes at 650 W


LASER COMPONENTS Canada has set a new world record with its pulsed laser diodes at 905 nm: peak ...

Complex IBS Coatings Starting at 260 nm


Particularly complex coating designs with compact and homogeneous layers that retain barely any ...

Laser Components - Competence in Components

  • Development, production and distribution of custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
  • More than 30 years of experience as manufacturer and distributor
  • More than 35,000 individual components, mostly custom developments
  • International focus
  • More than 40 leading suppliers under contract
  • Revenue greater than 50 M US$ 
  • 160 employee worldwide



A worldwide network!

At LASER COMPONENTS stability, continuity, and decisions aimed at long-term success meet with dynamics, flexibility, shallow hierarchies, and a short decision making process.

At a family-run business this is not a contradiction but the rather the result of two generations working together in harmony to lead the company into the future.

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Photonics News - Issue 69


How to Clean your Connectors

New! We deliver cleaning materials for
   optical fiber connectors.

Fiber-coupled Single-mode Laser Diodes at 660 nm

The fiber-coupled single-mode laser diodes
   by our partner RealLight are an absolute

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