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Thank you for visiting us!

Thank you for visiting us at BiOS and Photonics West 2016! We hope you enjoyed the trade show and our ‘NOX the Robot’ performances throughout the event. Contact us anytime - we are always here ready to discuss any of your product questions.


Photon Counter for Time-correlated Applications

In time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC), single photons are not only counted, but the time of detection is also determined based on a reference signal. Use the COUNT® T for your application

MV micro DIG

It's a Digital World - Our Laser Modules Are Too

The FLEXPOINT® laser modules that are equipped with a microcontroller carry the addition “DIG.” The MVmicro DIG series was the first series of image processing lasers to be equipped with a microcontroller.


Pulsed Laser Diode Modules

The pulsed laser diode driver is directly integrated in the compact cube with an edge length of only 40 mm. The CUBE can easily be mounted in an optical bench or assembly.

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FLEXPOINT® HD Laser Modules at 520 nm


On land, in water, or in the air: the area of application of lasers is unlimited; however, ...

Accessories for Diffractive Optical Elements


Holo/OR’s diffractive optical elements are mainly used for high-power laser beam shaping and s ...

Laser Components USA and Xenics USA – North America Exclusive Distribution Agreement


Laser Components USA, Inc. and Xenics, USA signed an exclusive North American Distribution ...

Laser Components - Competence in Components

  • Development, production and distribution of custom laser-based and optoelectronic components
  • More than 30 years of experience as manufacturer and distributor
  • More than 35,000 individual components, mostly custom developments
  • International focus
  • More than 40 leading suppliers under contract
  • Revenue greater than 50 M EURO
  • 200 employee world-wide


A worldwide network!

At LASER COMPONENTS stability, continuity, and decisions aimed at long-term success meet with dynamics, flexibility, shallow hierarchies, and a short decision making process.

At a family-run business this is not a contradiction but the rather the result of two generations working together in harmony to lead the company into the future.

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Phone: +1 603 821 7040

Photonics News - Issue 35

  Single Photon Counter for time-
  correlated applicaitons.

MVmicro DIG Laser Modules
  Laser Modules for Image Processing
  with a microcontroller.

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