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Custom APD Arrays

Individual Elements

APD-arrays are now available from LASER COMPONENTS, enabling new applications in LIDAR and ACC, adaptive cruise control. A typical 12-element array will be presented at Photonics West and a preliminary datasheet is available now.

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PbSe Detectors with Four Channels

High Detectivity and Speed

Save time and space. With these new detectors, you can measure and analyze gas mixtures simultaneously. In addition, you only need to use a TO-8 or TO-39 housing, instead of four single detectors or a filter wheel.

SWIR Spectroscopy

With Square or Rectangular Pixels?

Understanding InGaAs line-scan detectors will help you to select the best technique for your application.

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Custom APD Arrays


APD-arrays are now available from LASER COMPONENTS, enabling new applications in LIDAR and ACC, ...

High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths


LASER COMPONENTS developed a new coating process for so-called triple mirrors that makes it ...

Fiber Coupler Simultaneously Transmits CO2 Laser Beam and Pilot Beam


The light of CO2 lasers is often transmitted as a free beam: complex and expensive articulated ...

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   Pseudo random pattern generator

   Laser module with supperior beam shape

High-Power Laser Mirrors
   Take advantage of the cost benefit

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