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Manufacturing and engineering are two of the most important segments in of any modern industrial society. Lasers have become crucial to material processing, with LASER COMPONENTS supplying key elements for many applications. At the same time, industrial image processing has gained in importance for process control and QC/QA – for example when it comes to 3D object scanning or weld seam inspection.

Industrial Image Processing

Laser beams and sensors are used for measuring the exact profile, height difference and geometry of workpieces.

Industrial Vision

More focus is being put on the quality management and quality control of production processes. Manufactured products must undergo final inspection and testing. Industrial image processing is becoming an increasingly popular tool for this purpose because it is fast and highly reliable.

The light section method is a key image processing technique that is used to measure profiles, differences in height, and shapes. This technique is based on the principle of laser triangulation. A complete measurement system consists of an illumination source, a camera, and analytical software.

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