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The central R&D department is an independent division at LASER COMPONENTS. We have access to vastly different technologies, the combination of which can lead to novel products and also business fields.

We can take over an entire R&D project for our customers with our team. Inquire with us about it!

R&D Department Based Out of Our Headquarters

R&D Meeting

R&D Team

Our R&D team is centrally located at our headquarters in Olching and is responsible for the new and continued development of our products and technologies. Independent of the individual production facilities, this cross-disciplinary team collaborates on projects. 

Our R&D department consists of a young and motivated team: Educated at renowned universities, our R&D team enjoys many years of scientific and practical experience – in particular in the areas of optical thin-film technology, optoelectronics, and fiber technology. This expertise also stems from several contacts in science and industry. 

This scientific and industrial exchange is constantly nurtured and strengthened by the presence of colleagues at relevant conferences, seminars, and trade shows. In addition to LC’s large customer base, this exchange forms the basis for the processing of custom OEM projects and the development of new quality products. 

The focus of research and development is primarily based on the cross-disciplinary direction of the individual areas of development. Overlap between the technical areas for the implementation of new products and projects is made possible by the individual expertise of each R&D employee and their cross-disciplinary collaboration. In addition, the close proximity to research institutes encourages synergies that are combined in bilateral research projects and research associations. Such projects have always been and still are successful due to the continued development of equipment and measurement technology with partners from science and industry.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration has many advantages: The expert knowledge of each individual is just as important as the cross-disciplinary exchange of information in order to make new products ready for series production in a very short amount of time.  

Upon customer request, our experts take on complete OEM projects that include the entire product development process:

Development Sectors

Our developmental activities are closely tied to our production focuses. These include, for example: 

  • Optical thin-film technologies
  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Optoelectronic technologies
  • Fiber-optic transmission technologies


State-of-the-art software is available to aid in successfully completing OEM projects and developing new products: this includes simulation software for the design of highly-complex thin-film layer systems on different substrates, the layout of multi-layered circuit boards, and software for complex construction tasks.

The first prototypes can be quickly and inexpensively produced and sampled in a 3-D printing process. The availability of different programming interfaces is the basis for the advancement of digitalization.