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For the easy operation and handling of optical fibers a comprehensive range of connectors, tools, and measurement technology is available. A suitable solution for your needs is most certainly included.

Different connectors are used to integrate optical fibers into a system and create releasable connections. A wide variety of products and various assembly techniques have led to our large selection.

Cleaning materials for fiber optics: here you will find, for example, the one-click cleaners that can be used to clean through couplers without having to detach the connector.

To couple parallel laser light into optical fibers easily and without loss, fiber couplers are required - ours are called FiberKey®.

Collimators are used to produce parallel beams. Fiber collimators provide the best possible coupling of light into and out of a fiber, respectively.

Optical fibers are increasingly being used in vacuum chambers and high-pressure devices, which require special optical fiber feedthroughs.

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