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Optical Fiber Processing

We offer tools for a large variety of different types of fiber processing:

This includes the stripping of fiber claddings, the cleaning and cleaving of fibers, and splicing or polishing, depending on the application. Microscopes and/or interferometers are used in the analysis of fiber end surfaces.

We have tools available for all stages of processing, both for field applications and applications in the laboratory. We cover the entire range of fiber diameters to 1.2 mm.

Polishing machine for bare fibers: Produce accurate lapping, polishing, or end profiles on bare optical fibers.

Polishers for the Series Production of Fiber Optic Connectors: Polishing Units for Small and Large Series Production.

Polishers for Samples and the Touch-up of Optical Fibers and Connectors

Transportable Fiber Optic Polishing Units – Compact Systems for Field Applications.

High-performance polisher for large-diameter fiber processing in factory applications.

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