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FLEXPOINT® Dot and Line Lasers

FLEXPOINT® laser modules are developed and manufactured in house directly at LASER COMPONENTS. No two laser modules are alike. The FLEXPOINT® laser modules can be assembled according to the customer’s individual specifications. Simply inquire with us!

Laser Components offers dot lasers with a round and elliptical beam profile in the wavelength range from 520-905 nm and a power output of up to 100 mW.

Laser Components offers line lasers with different fan angles in the wavelength range from 520-905 nm and a power output of up to 100 mW.

The human eye is ten times more sensitive to green lasers. Different types of laser modules are available at 532 nm.

Blue and blue-violet laser diode modules from LASER COMPONENTS.

The FLEXPOINT® MINI series laser modules captivate with their small dimensions and high quality features. They are available at wavelengths of 520 nm, 635 nm and 650 nm.

Laser diode modules with fiber connection – red, green, and blue.

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