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Fiber Optic and Network Monitoring

These systems are used in the monitoring of optical fiber networks because increasing security requirements and high expectations regarding the availability of digital services make online monitoring of the optical fiber as a transmission medium more and more of a necessity.

Based on products for network analysis and package recording, so-called NPMD products are also offered; these products examine network data and perform a complete package analysis.

Here you will find solutions for performance monitoring and troubleshooting in networks (NPMD). These products measure, quantify, and report relevant parameters from all IT resources.

The optical network monitoring system ONMSi provides 24/7 surveilance of fiber optic networks. It detects and locates fiber degradation, alerts the operator and provides detailed information on the fault.

SmartOTU is a convenient plug-and-play solution for monitoring critical optical fibers in small fiber optic networks. It can be connected and commissioned without IT configuration.

With the Brillouin OTDR technique, spatially-resolved temperature and stress measurements on glass fibers can be carried out simultaneously.

Fiber-optic Infrastructure Sensors for Monitoring Shafts, Pipes, and Control Rooms.

Fiber optic matrix switches are used in many areas of fiber optic networking: cyber, surveillance, lawful interception, data centers, government systems, telecommunications, laboratory testing, and video distribution.

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