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The Gentec-EO monitors come is various sizes and types to cover all applications. Monitors with or without display (PC-based) and for power or energy readings, or both are available. The fastest digital needle display on the market are also offered.

BLU - wireless laser power measurement from mW to kW

Touch Screen Monitor. Reads all Gentec-EO detector types.

The TUNER is the monitor with the ultra-fast needle. Reads power detectors: Thermopiles and optical detectors of Gentec-EOs PH series.

Single-channel monitor for the readout of all power detectors: Thermopiles and optical detectors from Gentec-EO.

The INTEGRA product series combines detector and meter in a single product.

The S-LINK is a dual-channel monitor used to readout power and energy detectors using a computer.

P for Power. With the P Link, Gentec-EO offers a simple and reasonably priced monitor for reading out laser power detectors.

Universal laser power & energy meter with unique noise suppression algorithm.

PC Monitor for all Gentec-EO detectors.

Single channel, analog power module (APM) for -B Heads

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