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IR Laser Optics

For lasers with infrared wavelengths, such as, for example, 10.6 µm in CO2 lasers, lenses and windows made of zinc selenide (ZnSe) are used. Silicon or copper mirrors are used as mirrors. Phase shift mirrors used to produce circular polarization are also available. Beam expanders and diffractive elements for beam shapes complete our product range.

Only high-quality substrates are used for the optics. Different lens shapes are available.

As for the lenses only high-quality substrates are used for the windows.

Output couplers and beam splitters have a special coating to reflect a defined percentage of the incident light.

Silicon, molybdenum, and copper mirrors.

Phase shift mirrors on silicon or copper substrates are used to produce circular polarization.

Beam expander for CO2 lasers with fixed, variable or zoom magnification and ZnSe optics.

For the typical wavelength range in the near and far IR

Individual lenses made of ZnSe used with scanning systems.

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