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Optical Filters

Optical filters are the most widely used method of customizing broadband radiation detectors for various applications. There are different designs available such as beam splitters and bandpass, band-stop, short-pass, and long-pass filters.

Here the wavelength range extends from the UV to the FIR. Our IR filters can be found in the product section of the IR components.

Bandpass filters improve contrast by allowing wavelengths within a certain range to be transmitted while blocking those outside of the pass band.

These optical filters are known as edge filters; they correspond to high and low passes in electronics.

Filter sets consisting of a compatible excitation filter, emission filter, and dichroic beam splitter are required to analyze fluorescence under a microscope.

Optical gratings, also known as multiple slits, function due to a process called diffraction. Because of the periodic structures, the light of each of the individual slits interferes with each other after passing.

Photolithographic and astronomic filters are available in this section. The different optical filters available are as versatile as the applications are varied.

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