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82140 Olching / Germany

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In our online shop you will find items that are directly and exclusively available in stock from our range of uncoated substrates and coated laser optics. If you cannot locate a product immediately, please contact us directly!

Further Information About the Payment and Delivery Terms

Terms of Payment*

For first-time customers:

  • Payment in advance (wire transfer, crossed check)

  • Cash on delivery

If you already are a customer of LASER COMPONENTS:

  • Invoice (my terms of payment are stored at LASER COMPONENTS)

* We reserve the right to change your chosen terms of payment. After verification their validity will be confirmed within our order confirmation.


Terms of Delivery

Our standard delivery method is “ex works, uninsured”. If you already are a customer of LASER COMPONENTS the terms we have on file will be used.



Shipping fees

The shipping fees are stated on the invoice / the order confirmation.


Shipping method

We exclusively ship via DPD Standard.


Cash on delivery via Deutsche Post / DPD

After the mailman has received the invoiced amount he will hand you your order. Depending on the size of your order you will receive it as consignment of goods, small parcel, or package.


Delivery Time

The delivery time within Germany usually is up to 4 working days. Please note that with payment in advance we will hold shipment until the funds have been received.

In case of any delay we will contact you immediately.