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Detector Modules

Detector modules, into which the entire drive electronics have been integrated, were developed to facilitate the application of detectors. PIN modules and APD modules are available along with intelligent sensors which are – thanks to their interfaces – ready for application in Industry 4.0.

Balanced Photodetectors

Symmetrical photodetectors are required to measure differential optical signals in fiber-optic sensor systems and systems for optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Balanced Detectors

Symmetrical InGaAs photodetectors, also referred to as balanced detectors, are used in fiber-optic applications in optical coherence tomography and fiber sensor technology. Mach Zehnder interferometers are also available with integrated symmetrical detectors.

Different models are available as balanced detectors:

  • BPD-002Balanced Photodetector
    The BPD-002 model is characterized by easy handling and high performance and is designed for applications in research and development. This symmetrical receiver is fully housed and, therefore, suited for both laboratory and commercial applications in optical coherence tomography and fiber sensor technology.
  • BPD-003Balanced Photodetector
    OEM version of the symmetrical photodetector that is integrated into measurement systems and used in optical coherence tomography and fiber sensor technology.
  • PBPD-001Polarization Diverse Balanced Photodetector
    With this module, the polarization of the optical signal can also be determined. This device features a large bandwidth.

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