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IR Filters

A wide variety of interference filters in the IR range is available: Bandpass filters, long-pass filters, short-pass filters, blocking filters, and dichroic splitters are included in this range of products.

Customized IR long-pass filter possibly

IR Long-pass Filters

Dielectric coatings. Customer-specific solutions are also available for IR long-pass filters.

IR Filters

Long-pass infrared filters, unlike semiconductor filters, are constructed from stacks of thin layers. OD 3 rejection in the suppression range is not as high as it is with semiconductor filters, but it has the advantage of free choice of slope position.

  • Edge position:
    Each wavelength between 1 µm and 20 µm (at a transmission of 5%)
  • Transmission:
    60% – 80% in the passband, 0.1% or less in the cut-off region. The cut-off region extends to the x-ray range. The passband extends to at least double the edge wavelength.
  • Size:
    Standard filters have a diameter of 25.4 mm and an aperture of >21 mm. Other sizes are available upon request. Square designs starting at 2 mm x 2 mm and round IR long-pass filters with a diameter of up to 100 mm can also be produced.


Online Filter Selection

Now you can check online which optical filters are in stock at our partner NOC - Northumbria Optical Coatings Ltd. You can directly place an order which, as usual, will be handled through us.

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