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Fiber Optic Field Equipment

In optical measurement technology, different measurement devices are used to test optical fibers. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used.

OLP-87P. Fiber PON Powermeter and Microscope

Optical Power Meters

Optical power meters for fiber optic networks: For the installation, maintenance, and testing of single-mode and multi-mode networks and cables.

Optical Power Meters

Optical power meters, also referred to as peak meters, are used in the installation, maintenance, and testing of fiber optic networks, whether single-mode networks / multi-mode networks or cables.

With different devices, the optical power level [dBm] can be measured in local, telecommunications, and CATV networks. In combination with an LED or laser source, the insertion loss can also be analyzed.

All devices feature automatic wavelength identification, which allows higher efficiency to be achieved during measurement and prevents oversights or errors by the user. The units are calibrated according to NIST.

These inexpensive and compact power meters are sufficient for the majority of applications. They are particularly easy to use; user errors are thus almost completely nonexistent. Different power meters are available for different fields of application:

  • Single-mode/multi-mode networks
    For measurements in the LAN/WAN Access and Enterprise Sector, you may choose between two types of germanium detectors: OPL-34 SmartPocketTM or OPM1-2C.
  • For measurements in telecommunications networks
    OPL-35 SmartPocketTM equipped with an InGaAs detector for measurements in all standard single-mode networks
  • For CATV Systems with analog HF transmission or amplified DWDM Systems
    OLP-38 SmartPocketTM equipped with an InGaAs detector that has a filter
  • For WAN, CATV, and telecom systems
    OPM1-3C equipped with an InGaAs detector


This power meter is fast, safe, and easy to operate. The optical power is measured directly at the corresponding port. This minimizes the risk of contaminating the optical adapter and fiber end faces; in addition, it does not require the use of measurement cables. The compact, adjustable arm makes accessing connectors easier. The PowerChek is equipped with a bright, easy-to-read touchscreen display. Due to internal memory, measurement data can be recorded and documented more quickly than with other power meters.

In telecom applications in so-called WAN networks, single-mode fibers have to be read out. For challenging measurements that require high precision and reproducibility, we have different devices available. InGaAs detectors are used in all units.


The OPM4-3D, equipped with an InGaAs detector, is designed for WAN single-mode networks. A USB stick can be connected to the unit for unlimited storage capacity. Six wavelengths are calibrated: 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm. This unit is powered by two AA batteries, which are sufficient for operation up to 300 hours.

OPM5-3D – The Power Meter with Integrated Storage Capacity

Equipped with an InGaAs detector, the OPM5 power meter is also designed for single-mode networks. This handheld unit has storage capacity for more than 500 fibers that can be read out via USB with the help of TRM®, which is Windows® compatible software. Similar to the OPM4, the OPM5 is operated with two AA batteries or, alternatively, using an AC adapter on an optional basis.

SmartClassTM OLP-55 High Sensitivity with the Largest Internal Storage Capacity

The SmartClassTM OLP-55 High Sensitivity can store up to 1000 measurement results internally, which are automatically stamped with the date and time. Data transmission is carried out via a USB interface.

The choice is yours: 900 wavelengths between 800 nm and 1700 nm are available! The following fiber types are suitable for use: 9/125 to 62.5/125 µm. This unit is powered by four AA batteries, which allow operation for more than 100 hours.

Power meters for LAN/WAN networks are equipped with germanium detectors, with which both single-mode and multi-mode networks can be tested.


The OPM4-2D, equipped with a germanium detector, is used in WAN single-mode networks. This unit can also be used in multi-mode LAN networks.

OPM5-2D – Power Meter with Integrated Storage Capacity

This robust device is equipped with integrated storage capacity which holds more than 500 measurements. The readout of this data is carried out via a USB interface on a PC. This unit is delivered with powerful software that is used in data readout.

SmartClassTM OLP-55

SmartClassTM OLP-55 series power meters can be zeroed for dark current compensation, which leads to increased measurement accuracy. Nine hundred calibrated wavelengths are stored in the OLP-55. To avoid operating errors and to perform the measurement as quickly as possible, the wavelength is recognized automatically. All parameters measured and up to three measurement values are displayed simultaneously on the illuminated screen. This unit stores up to 1000 test results with a date and time stamp that can be read out via a USB port.

The following power meters are used in the installation, testing, and maintenance of FTTx and PON networks.

SmartClassTM OLP-57

The SmartClassTM OLP-57 is the market’s first optical BPON/EPON/GEPON power meter. This power meter makes it possible to perform wavelength-selective level measurements. Up to three measurement results can be displayed simultaneously on the illuminated screen. Data transfer is carried out via USB. It is even possible to connect a USB data storage unit directly to the device to take advantage of unlimited storage capacity.

OPM4-FTTx PON Power Meter with a Visual Fault Locator

The OPM4-FTTx PON power meter is very similar to the OLP-57. This unit is also designed for optical power measurement in FTTH and other passive optical networks (BPON, EPON, GPON) that use 1490 nm to downstream data and 1550 nm to downstream video. In addition, a so-called visual fault locator (VFL) is integrated into this device; it displays faults at short distances, using 650 nm (red), and serves as a connection test.

SmartClassTM OLP-87/87P Fiber PON Power Meter and Microscope

The SmartClassTM OLP-87 is an FTTx/PON power meter that is used in the modification, activation, and error diagnosis of B-PON, E-PON, and G-PON networks. This device can additionally be connected with the P5000i microscope. This way, a single measurement is enough to evaluate the end face of the fiber (pass/fail analysis) and perform a wavelength-selective power measurement.

It is thus particularly well suited for use in end-of-assembly inspection as well as the commissioning and maintenance of all FTTx/PON signals. This device can measure language, data, and video signals simultaneously at 1490 nm and 1550 nm in downstream and 1310 nm in upstream.

Special measurement devices with a high-power InGaAs detector are required for high-power CATV broadband networks/DWDM system applications up to +26 dBm.


The OPM4-4D with a high-power InGaAs detector allows measurements in the range from + 26 dBm to -50 dBm. This compact unit is powered by two AA batteries, allowing operation for up to 300 hours. Alternatively, the OPM4 can be supplied with power using a USB interface.

OPM5-4D – Unit with Data Storage Capacity

The OPM5 power meter is an extended version of the OPM4 unit. It has additional data storage capacity. More than 500 test results can be stored on this device and read out via USB on a Windows computer. The software included with delivery offers comprehensive options for data management; it uses the TRM® reporting tool.

SmartClassTM OLP-82/82P Fiber Power Meter and Microscope

The OLP-82 carries out two measurements at the same time; during connection of the microscope, the fiber end surfaces can be checked and the power measured in just one measurement. This makes it easy to issue test certificates. Due to its compact design, this unit is suited for use in the field; in fact, you can take this unit out for measurements on telephone poles.

Special power meters are required for polymer optical fibers (POFs). These units are equipped with a detector made of silicon.

The OPM4-1D is a power meter for POFs that operates in the wavelength range between 650 nm and 850 nm. Powered by two AA batteries, it is designed for everyday use in the field. These batteries have a life expectancy of 300 hours.

An attenuation measurement set is now available for cables of 12 optical fibers consisting of a laser source with twelve transmitters and a twelve-channel power meter. With these small and inexpensive handheld devices, both single-mode and multi-mode installations can be certified on site. The internal memory records up to 1,000 measurements that can be processed with the software provided.

The easy-to-use optical RP 450 power meter is designed for SM and MM fiber optic networks. It provides absolute dBm or dB loss measurements, provides direct loss measurements and allows the user to set the incoming signal to a “zero” reference. The RP 450 gives an audible alert when the incoming signal is a modulated 2 kHz tone. This feature is very useful for quick fiber identification at the field location. Connection to the fiber under test is made via the included universal 2.5 mm adapter. Additional connector adapter styles are available.

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