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Customized Aspherical Optics


Rochester Precision Optics

With Rochester Precision Optics (RPO), LASER COMPONENTS has gained a leading international manufacturer of aspherical precision optics as a partner. The glass optics are pressed using a proprietary precision glass molding (PGM) process. Using this technology, RPO specializes in customized aspheres ranging in size from 1 mm to 60 mm and covering a wide range of focal lengths and numerical apertures. In addition, RPO also offers molded optics made of plastic and CNC-manufactured aspheres for the infrared range. Most ­elements are custom developed.

Aspherical optics offer numerous practical advantages. Their modulation transfer function is higher than that of spherical lenses, which leads to an enhanced image quality. Therefore, the number of optical elements in many applications can be reduced, which allows for lighter, more compact designs. Furthermore, aspherical optics feature higher tolerances in inclination and alignment.

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