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New Filters for Pyroelectric Detectors

Now Available with NDIR Devices: Selectively Measure Water Vapor and Methane in Gas Mixtures


To keep it short: Pyroelectric detectors are used in gas analysis. Each gas can be detected using a very specific wavelength – the so-called absorption wavelength.

Moisture is often tested with the wavelengths 1.94 µm and 2.9 µm; however, in this case, the absorption wavelengths of CO2 overlap the signal: with these wavelengths, the moisture of the gas mixtures can only be determined using complex measurement equipment.
However, with simple NDIR measurement devices, it is possible to achieve a reliable measurement: here, you only require the right filter and a suitable light source.

The central wavelengths of our new filters are selected in such a way as to significantly reduce the crosstalk to other gases to achieve uncomplicated measurements with NDIR measurement devices.
These three new filters are available for our pyro detectors:

  • For the measurement of methane (CH4):
    lCWL = 7.91 µm
  • For the measurement of alcohol mixtures:
    lCWL = 9.50 µm
  • For the measurement of moisture (water vapor):
    lCWL = 5.78 µm

An overview of all filters and filter curves can be found under the webcode provided!


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Filters Set for Pyro Detectors