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Pulsed Laser Diodes

Pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) are available in the wavelengths 850 nm, 905 nm and 1550 nm. All of our PLDs are developed and manufactured at our Laser Components production facility in Canada. Customer-specific requests can, therefore, easily be accommodated.

Pulsed Laser Diodes at 850 nm

850 nm Single Emitter at 10.5 W

Pulsed Laser Diodes

In addition to the comprehensive standard program of 905 nm and 1550 nm pulsed laser diodes, LASER COMPONENTS Canada also manufactures high-power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) at 850 nm. The 850 series features the highest reliability, temperature stability, and the best beam characteristics. The 850D1S06x is delivered in a TO-18, 5.6 mm, 9 mm, 8-32 coax housing, or as a chip on a ceramic submount. Customer-specific versions are available upon request.

These laser diodes are used in range finding, speed monitoring and traffic control systems (e.g., laser radar guns, traffic censuses, vehicle classification, distance measurement, fog detection…), in security scanners and laser light curtains, or test and measurement systems.

Part Number / Datasheet Wavelength Power Package
>> 850D1S09X 850 nm
13 W Other

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