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Pyroelectric Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are infrared detectors that react to temperature changes of the crystal caused by the absorption of radiation.

In most cases this pertains to heat radiation but these detectors also react to visible light and even THz radiation.

Typical applications include spectrometers, NDIR gas analysis, medical technology, and security technology.

Pyroelectric Detectors

Laser Components Pyro Group, Inc. 

Pyroelectrical Detectors - manufactured by Laser Components Pyro Group
Manufacturing pyroelectric detectors

Since July 2014 a production site for pyroelectric detectors is part of the Laser Components Group: LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group, Inc. was formed through the acquisition of Microwatt Applications, LLC and has its research and production facilities in Stuart, Florida.

DLaTGS–based Pyroelectric Detectors
For many years, Microwatt Applications, LLC has been manufacturing DLaTGS-based pyroelectric detectors which makes the company part of a very exclusive circle of manufacturers.

With the LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group the LC Group has opened a new chapter in its comprehensive IR activities that go back as far as 1982.