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Please join us in congratulating LASER COMPONENTS GmbH for their now 30 years of conducting successful business in the photonics community. What...

LASER COMPONENTS is expanding its market leadership with the newFLEXPOINT® MVmicroline laser series in the area of laser-based Machine Vision...

Optical switches are used for the quick read out and efficient switching of measurement light sources. AssemblyInput and output fibers are exactly...

The power densities in laser systems are increasing. In continuous-wave operation it is possible to achieve an output power of more than 10 kW. A...

The red ADL-66505TL laser diode from Arima Lasers meets all the expectations of technologically superior products at unbeatable prices. At 660 nm...

LASER COMPONENTS Canada, Inc. assembles micro-optics, fast axis collimation (FAC) lenses, directly in front of the pulsed laser diode chip. Housed in...

This new driver offers analog modulation up to 400 MHz for a waveform defined by customer. Pulse duration can be set in a range of 1 ns to CW with an...

With resounding success, our partner Holo/OR designed an innovative homogenizer. In the past, customers have frequently criticized speckle effects in...

Now that multiple laser lines, dot matrices, etc. play an even larger role in computer-supported measurement technology, we have expanded our range...

Due to their very high sensitivity and extremely low noise, SUR-series avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are suited for measurements in photometry or in...

Stainless steel housing with an M12 thread and an M12 connector: These standards and the demand for high quality make the FLEXPOINT® MV12 the perfect...

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