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FLEXPOINT<sup>&reg;</sup> Laser Diode Module MVfemto

Shorter than a match, thinner than a pen: this is the MV femto, the smallest line laser for industrial image processing. The new laser module...

Photo Roy Kaltschmidt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

World record: the average power of the French laser is lower than the power of an average light bulb. Nevertheless, it holds the world record for...

Official measurements have confirmed it: Optical fibers with coated end surfaces yield a 6 % higher transmission efficiency – and the coating is...

These are the smallest laser modules available worldwide, and they are available in stock in several wavelengths. The complete modules are barely...

CODIXX‘s uniform polarizers exhibit high extinction ratio (ER) of 100K+:1, depending on high transmission values across the entire polarizer, with...

Photon Counting Module COUNT<sup>®</sup> Q

Individual photons play an important role in many quantum research experiments. In order to detect these photons, counting modules that possess a...

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