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Arima’s A4 Series: New APC Laser Diodes for More Safety

If the beam becomes harmful, the laser diode automatically switches off


With its new A4 series, Arima Lasers has significantly improved the automatic power control (APC) of its compact APC laser diodes. Whenever an eye-safe radiation beam is required, this new model offers additional protection: If an internally set operating current level is exceeded, the laser diode shuts down automatically.

The latest laser diodes are insensitive to electrostatic discharges of up to 10 kV and guarantee a stable output power at supply voltages of 2.5 to 6.0 VDC. As in its predecessor, the control is located as an ASIC on the same chip as the photodiode and the emitting laser diode, and it is integrated in compact TO housings (3.3 mm or 5.6 mm).

These laser diodes are available in different wavelengths between 635 nm and 850 nm.

APC laser diodes are used, for example, in high-precision measuring devices.


 ADL-63054SA4 268 K
 ADL-63054TA4 268 K
 ADL-63072GB4 277 K
 ADL-63072TB4 273 K
 ADL-63104GB4 261 K
 ADL-63104TB4 259 K
 ADL-65055GA4 263 K
 ADL-65055TA4 263 K
 ADL-65104TA4 270 K
 ADL-66201TA4 268 K
 ADL-85051TA4 275 K

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635 nm Laser Diodes

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