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Linear APD Arrays for LiDAR Measuring


SMD Components with 8 and 16 Elements

The LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group expands its standard range of linear Si APD arrays by LCC44 housings containing 8 and 16 elements. The SMD components can be mounted on circuit boards, while also providing enough space for the integrated multi-channel amplifier circuit. Their operation only requires the voltage for the array and 5 V for the electronics.

The arrays comprise of a monolithic series of fast, low-noise avalanche photodiodes with gaps of merely 40 µm between the elements. They feature a very low temperature coefficient and their sensitivity is optimized for the NIR range between 800 nm and 905 nm.

In addition to the standard range, LASER COMPONENTS also manufactures custom made linear arrays. The customer determines the number and size of the individual elements that can be arranged along one or two axes.

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SMD Components with 8 and 16 Elements

Linear APD Arrays for LiDAR Measuring

SMD Components with 8 and 16 Elements
Linear APD-Arrays.PDF