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High Transmission Polarizers

Nano-Particle Glass Polarizers. Achieves high contrast and high transmission for the UV, VIS, NIR, and Mid-IR ranges with a wide acceptance angle of ±20°. The prolate silver nano-particles are embedded inside the glass which results in high durability, wide temperature range, and easy cleaning.

Using nanotechnology our colorPol® polarizers offer very high contrast ratios (up to 10 million to 1) and high transmittance (up to 99%.)

colorPol® HQ polarizers have all the high performance of the standard filters but with improved wavefront distortion and little wedge.

We offer ring mounting for our polarizers in 12.5, 12.7, 25.0 and 25.4 mm diameters.

colorPol® S is a optical glass sheet polarizer having areas with different directions of polarization and different spectral characteristics.

CODIXX offers sample sets of its polarizers for evaluation purposes with a discounted price.

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