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Position sensitive detectors. Spatially-resolved photodiodes measure the position of a light spot. The bandwidth and resolution of so-called position sensitive detectors (PSDs) are unmatched.

A one dimensional PSD makes continuous detection of the position of a laser spot along one axis possible. It possesses three contacts. Customized PSDs available.

A two dimensional PSD makes continuous detection of the position of a laser spot along two axes possible. It possesses four contacts. Customized versions available.

Phototransistors have a sensitivity to light that is magnitudes higher than conventional PSDs.

SPC PSDs are position sensitive detectors with integrated signal processing circuitry.

PSDs as alternative to scanning systems.

Thanks to the small areas of the individual segments differential diodes are well suited for high resolution and fast position measurements.

One dimensional silicon detector arrays with 12, 16, or 32 single elements.

The four-quadrant diode JQA5 covers a spectral range from 205 to 355 nm.

Compact one or two-dimensional PSD modules with a mount for high-precision position measurements.

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