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Manufacturing and engineering are two of the most important segments in of any modern industrial society. Lasers have become crucial to material processing, with LASER COMPONENTS supplying key elements for many applications. At the same time, industrial image processing has gained in importance for process control and QC/QA – for example when it comes to 3D object scanning or weld seam inspection.

Laser-Material Processing

Laser cutting, welding, drilling or structuring – when it comes to material processing, the whole diversity of laser technology can be applied. And each day brings new applications and challenges.

Laser Material Processing

Key Technologies for Numerous Applications
In recent times, lasers have become an integral part of everyday industrial production. Not only are they faster than traditional methods, but in many cases, their unmatched precision is a great advantage: Lasers are able to drill holes with diameters of just a few micrometers and today’s microchip industry relies heavily on laser structuring. Just recently, a new field of applications called surface processing has evolved, where lasers are used for curing, cleaning and ablation.

At first glance, all these material processing applications may seem very different from each other, but if you look a little closer, it all comes down to shaping and directing a high-power laser beam in a way that fits the application.

LASER COMPONENTS supports manufacturers of industrial lasers with a number of key technologies:

  • Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) for beam separation, focusing or shaping
  • High-power laser optics with high laser thresholds and diameters up to 390 mm
  • Flexpoint® laser modules serving as pilot lasers or positioning guides
  • FibreKey® P fibre couplings with integrated pilot beams that use optical fibres to direct the beams of CO2 lasers to almost any target.


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