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Laser Accessories

Laser safety glasses are a vital piece of personal safety equipment when working with lasers.
Laser safety curtains are used to protect large spaces within a room against laser radiation. This section includes protective guards for windows.
Beam dumps block laser radiation securely and in a controlled manner. Beam dumps designed with air-cooling and water-cooling systems are available for high power lasers.

Laser rods are used as laser media and active media in the generation of a laser beam through stimulated emissions. Non-linear optical (NLO) crystals are used in frequency conversion.

Protective laser windows are used in high-power laser material processing, in particular. Protective windows protect pricy laser optics against damage from material splatter.

Conversion screens, also known as sensor cards, make invisible laser radiation visible. They are held as sensors directly in the laser beam. There are versions available for low, medium, and high power lasers.

Handheld viewers are used to make invisible IR or UV laser radiation visible. They function similar to display cards, with the exception that they may not be held directly into the laser beam.

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