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Amplifiers and Photoreceivers

Founded in 1993 with the mission of developing "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" our partner has built a broad range of products that includes current amplifiers, voltage amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, and photoreceivers. To us, "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" means that every product we develop must offer a significant advantage over comparable products available in the market.

A range of current amplifiers are available from ultra low noise (0.18 fA/√Hz), high band width (400kHz) and high gain (10E13V/A).

State of the art optoelectronic systems utlise lock-in-amplification as one of the most useful techniques to remove unwanted noise and so improve measurement sensitivity.

With both fixed and variable gain GHz amplifiers available, these HSA High-Speed Amplifier series offer a well-balanced combination of high gain, wide bandwidth up to 2GHz and low noise.

Variable (gain 10 to 60dB), logarithmic (up to 80dB) and wideband (DC to 10, 200 or 500MHz) voltage amplifiers are available for a range of applications.

These high gain (10E13V/A) current integrate producing an output voltage proportional to the charge collected at the amplifier input over a certain amount of time.

Femtowatt (ultra low noise min. NEP 0.7fW/√Hz), variable gain (10E3 to 10E11 V/W) and fixed gain photoreceivers offer a solution to measuring fast and precise small optical signals.

A versatile USB control interface accessory permits digital control of many amplifier and photoreceiver products, which includes a LabView system driver application.

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