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September 2016 Company Newspaper Photonics News


Dear colleagues

Whilst many are saying let’s see how it goes with Brexit, so far the same level of demand remains for our photonic components. Furthermore, reading through the technical press, industry experts remain positive about the consequences over the following 2 years whilst the politicians unravel the UK from Europe. Clearly the UK receives much EU funding that is likely to stop but then the UK won’t be paying into the EU. So indeed we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, we should remain robust and positive about the future and continue with our excellence in photonics.

That is fitting since this issue brings many improvements and new products, whether this be convenient detectors (A- and P-cubes), greater versatility (ModBoxes), four9 coatings (IBS mirrors) or new pilot beams (CO2 delivery), it always remains exciting to see a continual flow of innovation. Enjoy this summer’s read, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our trade shows, see back page.

Chris Varney
Managing Director

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Our range of P-CUBE PIN detector modules offers an ideal solution for customers looking to experiment with low noise Silicon or InGaAs PIN...


For customers looking for a plug and play solution for high-sensitivity detection, LASER COMPONENTS‘ A-CUBE range is a perfect choice! Featuring a...

Photline ModBox with Stressed Eye

iXBlue offers new models in the Photline Modbox series. The ModBox range is a family of reference sources for telecommunication, analogue (RFoF), and...

SIC Photodiode

SiC offers an excellent alternative to blue enhanced Si PIN diodes since they are naturally ‘blind’ in the deep UV and visible, offering a good...

Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs) are commonly used to detect incident or diffuse light in the wavelength range of 400-1100 nm. In applications where...

For applications which require the highest reflectivity and damage threshold, with the lowest thermal drift, LASER COMPONENTS offers ion beam...


PGFL series green fibre lasers from Keopsys are pulsed laser sources emitting at 532 nm and delivering high peak power pulse in a very compact...

For applications requiring high speed and narrow linewidth laser sources, our range of 850 nm VCSELs could be the perfect solution! These VCSELs are...

FiberKey P

We would like to introduce our fibre coupler for CO2 lasers, which transmits laser light and a pilot beam.The invisible light of CO2 lasers is often...

Gaussian Mirrors

Gaussian mirrors, or variable reflecting mirrors, are characterised by a degree of reflection which slopes radially from the centre of the optic in a...

BFPS-VRHSP 02 Series

We are proud to announce a new addition to the seed driver family - the BFPS-VRHSP-02 by PicoLAS! Specially designed to drive laser diodes in seeding...


Our popular Visualize product line serves as a low cost alternative to beam profilers. Visualize can be an invaluable tool for alignment, location...

Laser Protective Curtain SLC-100-WB

Even lasers with comparatively low power levels require efficient protection.  This, however, does not have to mean bulky and expensive laser...


We are pleased to offer laser sources manufactured by Redfern Integrated Optics (RIO).  These high-performance single-frequency external cavity...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVmicro Dig

We are pleased to introduce the MVmicro DIG series; a standard MVmicro Machine Vision laser with an integrated microprocessor which offers various...

LC-LMD series

The LC-LMD Low Cost Laser Module Diode series is very popular for manual alignment applications and machine integrators using thousands of low cost,...

An attractive multi-gas sensor can now be designed around our new quad PbSe detector, especially suited for low signals and reduced cross-talk, when...

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