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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 62

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Dear Colleagues

As the UK decides how to handle the political ramifications of Brexit, the photonic industry saw strong growth in 2018, will it continue? In this issue, we look at some exciting advancements that can keep photonics buoyant for the foreseeable future.

Precision laser materials processing in the production of components in electric motor windings and battery manufacture help provide greener vehicles by reducing their carbon foot print.

Stereoscopic cameras installed in vehicles to mimic human observation provides some autonomous function. Adding other sensors, such as acoustic, radar and light detection and ranging (LiDAR), together help to provide all round ‘vision’. All this data requires more computing power. The target? < € 200 system cost to the consumer for Level FIVE Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Using selected narrow band pass MIR optical filters, the wavelengths of absorbing gases can be chosen to build instruments for measuring CO, CO2, NOx, VOCs and other polluting gases. These sensors can help battle the struggle to reduce pollution.

Using the optical properties within optical fibres, it is ­possible to measure temperature and vibration up to 90 km. We see how Deutsche Bahn embraces this technology.

We end our newsletter with a range of selected components relating to the articles featured, call us, we’ll be delighted to help.


Chris Varney
Managing Director, Laser Components (UK), Ltd.

Laser Material Processing and Optoelectronics

  • Electromobility
    Laser material processing makes many key components possible
  • More Autonomy!
    Modern sensor technology as the eyes and ears of the driving car
  • In the Service of the Environment
    How laser spectroscopy can keep air clean

Fibreoptic Sensors

  • Listening with Light
    Sensors are Monitoring Tracks and Trains

ILM12IP DOE Crosshair Laser Module

The FLEXPOINT® ILM12F laser module has always been robust; and now the ILM12IP version is virtually indestructible. This new housing complies with...

SPAD Array

Conventional LiDAR scanners use a failure-prone mechanism with rotating mirrors. Flash LiDAR technology, however, uses highly-sensitive 2D...

Machine Vision Line Laser MVsquare

One major challenge in the series production of 3D sensor systems for industrial image processing is the fine adjustment of the line laser. Focus and...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> MVstereo

The FLEXPOINT® MVstereo laser module was developed for 3D stereo image processing, in which three-dimensional structures are calculated from pixel...

In response to increasing demand for flat-top narrow bands for laser applications, we are pleased to add to our range of optical filters a new series...


Broadband diffusers are used wherever light with several wavelengths must be scattered (e.g., in microscopy or in laser projectors in stadiums)....

Multi channel pyroelectric detectors

The use of alcohol breathe analysers to immobilise a car if the driver is over the limit is becoming accepted. In Sweden, workers can be obligated to...

LASER COMPONENTS would like to announce that LUMIBIRD is now the new name of Keopsys-Quantel Group as of May 17, 2018. LUMIBIRD develops and...

Our intensity and phase modulators operate from low frequencies up to 40 Gbps/40 GHz and for a broad range of wavelength windows including 800 nm,...

LASER COMPONENTS is glad to share with you the awarded US patents from our suppliers Photodigm, for their inventions related to extend the...

Single Photon Counting Modules

COUNT® photon counters with high detection efficiency and low dark count rate.We deliver your COUNT® module quickly, reliably and at reasonable...

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