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Press Releases

We regularly update news editors and other interested parties with our news ticker. All newsworthy information at LASER COMPONENTS is available here first! You will find the press releases in chronological order below. If you are looking for press releases from a specific department, use the navigation bar on the side. We differentiate between general company news and news from the product groups: photodiodes, IR components, photon counters, lasers, measurement devices, fibre-optical components, optics, and laser accessories.

Press Releases - Fibre Optics

Everything you need for your optical fibres, assembled patch cords, active and passive components, and optical fibre accessories.

Fiber-Based Electro-Optic Modulators

LASER COMPONENTS has gained a new partner for fibre-based electro-optic modulators with up to 40 Gbit/s: iXBlue. This French company is a leading...


Flexibility and user-friendliness are the most striking features of Northlab’s ProCoater. This compact fibre coating device is designed to allow...

LASER COMPONENTS introduces ModeStrip assemblies for effective transmission of high-power laser light through optical fibres. With this technology,...

LEA photonics introduce a new F200 platform for their optical fibre amplifiers. The new platform combines the advantages of an OEM module, being...

Side-Light POF

LASER COMPONENTS offers polymer optical fibres that emit coupled light sideways across the entire length of the fibre. This property is...

LASER COMPONENTS introduces the new iXBlue MBC-DG-LAB automatic bias controllers to lock the operating point of LiNbO3 Mach-Zehnder modulators and to...

LASER COMPONENTS offers the PEFA-EOLA series of Erbium doped fibre amplifiers which are eye-safe amplifiers designed for long pulse operation like...

FiberKey P

The light of CO2 lasers is often transmitted as a free beam: complex and expensive articulated optical arms bring the light to the required operation...

Photline ModBox with Stressed Eye

LASER COMPONENTS offers the new Photline ModBox-OBand-28 Gb/s-NRZ-SE and ModBox-850 nm-28 Gb/s-NRZ-SE which provide production and R&D engineers...

Reference Transmitters with Variable Extinction Ratio

The Photline ModBox-850 nm-NRZ and ModBox-OBand-NRZ series is a family of Reference Transmitters that generate excellent quality NRZ optical data...