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RF Drivers and Modules



Our intensity and phase modulators operate from low frequencies up to 40 Gbps/40 GHz and for a broad range of wavelength windows including 800 nm, 1060 nm, 1300 nm, 1550 nm and 2 microns. Matched with the family of Photline‘s RF drivers, these modulators serve all applications, from laboratory experiments to demanding industrial systems.

Our family of RF connectorised modules include drivers for modulators and RF amplifiers up to 40 GHz and specific modules such as D flip-flop and delay lines.

The modulator drivers are intended to feed modulators with an electrical signal exhibiting optimised peak-to-peak voltage, rise/fall time and jitter.

Relevant applications for these modules include LiNbO3 modulators, OFDM, radio over fibre, linear amplification, NRZ/RZ, DPSK, DQPSK optical communications, test and measurement, data synchronisation, RF signals synchronisation, data retiming, short optical pulse generation and much more!


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Fibre Optical Modulators

iXBlue Photonics

Digital driver module specially designed for 10 Gbps/12.5 Gbps data transmission with RZ format.

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