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Optical Components

In this section you will find a colourful mix of optical components – from diffractive optical elements (DOEs) to electro-optical components and protective windows to laser rods and crystals. Inquire with us about customization options!

Diffractive optical elements, DOEs, were designed for applications with lasers and high-power lasers. Such elements offer endless possibilities in different application fields.

Laser rods are used as laser media and active media in the generation of a laser beam. Non-linear optical (NLO) crystals are used in frequency conversion.

Protective laser windows are used in high-power laser material processing, in particular. Protective windows protect pricy laser optics against damage from material splatter.

Etalons, beam splitter cubes, Faraday isolators, retroreflectors, collimators, and lenses with volume Bragg gratings belong to the group of special optics.

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