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Filters for Specific Applications

Photolithographic and astronomic filters are available in this section. The different optical filters available are as versatile as the applications are varied.

For analytical purposes and as narrow-band filters.

Bandpass filters customized to meet the requirements set by industrial image processing (machine vision).

Interference filters with a full width half maximum of 8 nm and 3 nm as well as an optical density of OD5 at a transmission of >90%.

Filters for Photolithographic Applications: Tuned i-line and Mask Aligner Interference Filters.

UV filters are used for analytical purposes such as, for example, in wastewater analysis or in process analysis.

Rugate filters feature particularly low ripples in the transmission band; this has a positive effect on signal analysis.

Notch filters have a high attenuation within a narrow wavelength range.

Astronomic filters are mostly customer-specific bandpass filters.

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