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Laser Safety Eyewear

Laser safety glasses are a vital piece of personal safety equipment when working with lasers. Full protective glasses filter laser light completely, whereas protective glasses for alignment tasks attenuate the emitted laser light to a level that is safe for the human eye, while the laser still remains visible. It is crucial that the laser and the appropriate protective eyewear match.

Laser Safety Eyewear / Goggles

Stay safe.

Laser Safety Eyewear

From alignment tasks using HeNe or diode lasers to applications involving excimer lasers in the medical field and material processing using CO2, Nd:YAG, or frequency-multiplied, solid-state lasers – anywhere eye safety is required and just plain smart.

Our light laser goggles offer the optimum protection for your application and thus guarantee the safety of the user. Custom models for special wavelengths or wavelength combinations are available upon request. Full protection according to DIN / EN 207 and alignment protection according to DIN / EN 208 are also available.


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