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Fibre Optic Lighting Assemblies

We offer a wide range of fibre assemblies for illumination. High tech fibre optic lighting assemblies are used for medical applications and can be sterilized. Inexpensive plastic fibres are a viable alternative for light transmission over short distances. Side light fibres enable design lighting for example in the automotive industry.

Side-Light POF

Polymer Optical Fibres for Illumination

Polymer optical fibres (POFs) are in a lower price range and feature a significantly higher attenuation than glass fibres. They are therefore mostly used for light transmission across short distances of up to 20 m. They are not only found in signal transmission but in innovative designer lighting as well.

Fibre Optic Lighting Assemblies

POFs are used in many modern illumination designs such as sauna lighting, luminescent clothing, and starry skies in luxury cars. The price and “good” lighting are crucial here. This is achieved by a high numerical aperture and diffuse emission characteristics. Fibre illumination does not require any special polish, which allows us to offer these POFs at particularly low prices – as bare fibres or cables.

Side-light POFs are special polymer optical fibres that emit coupled light sideways across the entire length of the fibre. This property is extraordinary because normally the coupled light is actually transmitted within the optical fibres and only decoupled at the fibre end face. In conventional fibres, keeping the decoupled side light to a minimum is a quality feature. Side-light POFs therefore require very special fibres with deliberate faults in the cladding/core interface that lead to lateral emission. They provide good illumination across distances of up to 4 m. For higher requirements on length or illumination, we recommend the use of fibre bundles.

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