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Photona Group

As the parent holding company of the LASER COMPONENTS Group, Photona GmbH takes care of all group-wide issues, investment management, and strategic expansion. It was formed from LASER COMPONENTS GmbH in 2021. Since then, LASER COMPONENTS Germany GmbH has been responsible for operations.  



Strategic Investment in Growth and Technology 

The work of Photona’s small, highly qualified team is specifically not limited to the companies of the LASER COMPONENTS Group. With their decades of experience, Photona’s managers are familiar with the technical background of the photonics industry and its entrepreneurial characteristics. Other companies can also benefit from this knowledge.

The focus of their commitment is on small and medium-sized companies with up to 50 employees and an annual turnover of up to 10 million euros. Technological expertise and economic stability are crucial. Photona aims to create synergies and use them creatively: The company prefers to invest in technologies that complement and strategically expand the existing technology pool. 

Laser Components Germany Gmbh

Sales office and production site

established 1982

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Blau Optoelektronik GmbH

Production site

established 1987

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Laser Components (UK) Ltd.

Sales office

established 1993

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Laser Components France S.A.S.

Sales office

established 1996

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Laser components Canada, Inc.

Production site

established 2003

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LAser Components Detector Group, inc.

Production site

established 2003

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Laser Components USA, Inc.

Sales office

established 2000

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Laser Components Nordic AB

Sales office

established 2014

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Our Values

  • We are an owner-operated private company
  • Our employees are considered an asset and not a cost-account
  • Private and commercial interests need to be in balance
  • We don't think in quarters, but generations
  • We want to act with humility, but enjoy our success at the same time
  • We want to support acting of one's own responsibility and entrepreneurship
  • We are a growth oriented high-tech company
  • Profits are important, but profit maximization is not our most important goal
  • Our acting honors the stakes of the environment and future generations





The eldest son of company founder Günther Paul has played an integral role in the company since 2001 and took over managing duties in 2006.

After completing his degree as an industrial engineer, he initially traveled abroad to support the North American activities of the company. In February 2018, he took over full control of the entire LC Group.


Caroline Paul

Chief Culture Officer
and Authorized Representative

Patrick Paul's wife has known the family business since her school days. In the past, the business economist for foreign trade has worked on many tasks regarding the external perception of the company and has significantly shaped the appearance of the brand.

The design of the company's own buildings also bears her signature. During the restructuring of the group, she is increasingly focusing her attention on the preservation and further development of the corporate culture.

Dr. Florian Blobner

Chief Product Officer
and Authorized Representative

After completing his doctorate in solid-state physics at the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Florian Blobner worked for various well-known companies in the photonics and sensor industry. His responsibilities included product management and sales.

At Photona Group, he sets the strategic product portfolio of all subsidiaries and actively coordinates the activities of technical and sales management across all locations.

Alexander Faulstroh

Chief Information Officer

After graduating as an industrial engineer in mechanical engineering from the TH Darmstadt, Alexander Faulstroh worked in various IT functions for the Siemens Group for eleven years. This was followed by another eleven years as a strategy and IT consultant.  During this time, he was in charge of numerous digitization projects and system implementations.

In his capacity as CIO, he has been responsible for global IT at Photona since 2020.

Jan Gössel

Chief Financial Officer

After studying business administration with a specialization in financial, banking, and investment accounting in Munich, Jan Gössel successfully passed the U.S. examination to become a certified public accountant (CPA).

He worked for various companies in management positions in the areas of finance and controlling. He is also a lecturer in international accounting at the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

Claudia Michalke

Chief Marketing Officer

Claudia Michalke studied photo engineering and business engineering in Cologne. During that time, she gained marketing experience in the technical B2C sector and started out in the optical technologies industry afterwards. After positions in technology management and sales her path led her to LASER COMPONENTS where she built up the marketing department.  

In 2024, she joined the Photona Group to coordinate all marketing activities worldwide. 

Pius Perko

Chief Quality Officer

After completing an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Pius Perko spent more than 20 years in quality management at various automotive supply and electronics companies between Budapest and Winterthur.

At Photona, he is responsible for quality management for the entire LC Group.

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116 South River Road
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Phone: +1 603 821 7040

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