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Pyroelectric Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are thermal detectors; i.e. they create an electric signal due to temperature changes in the chip. This temperature change is caused by absorption of light. We do use LiTaO3 and DLaTGS as pyroelectric materials. Basically such detectors cover the whole spectra. However, they are mainly used for mid-wave and long-wave infrared detection (MWIR and LWIR). In addition, the usage in the THz region seems to become more popular these days.

Multi channel pyroelectric detectors

Multi-channel LiTaO3 Pyroelectric Detectors

Multi-channel pyrodetectors: dual-channel, triple-channel and quad-channel versions, as well as current mode and voltage mode models, are available.

LiTaO3 Multi Channel Detectors

Multi-channel pyroelectric detectors (multi-color detectors) are mostly used for gas analysis. Aside from a reference filter, each measurement channel is tuned to a gas absorption line by integrating a bandpass filter. The gas concentration is calculated by applying the Beer-Lambert law. A reference channel improves the long-term stability of the measurement.

Laser Components offers a wide variety of standard bandpass filters for gas analysis (e.g., CO2, CO, NO2, SO2, and hydrocarbons) and reference purposes.
In our datasheet on filters you will find the corresponding filters. Additional filters are available upon request.

Depending on the number of channels, we offer the following detectors in current mode and voltage mode:

  • Two-channel detectors
  • Three-channel detectors
  • Four-channel detectors

The same fundamental principles apply to both multi-channel and one-channel detectors in current mode. The detectors in current mode are particularly easy to integrate into systems; in fact, it is almost identical to Plug&Play integration.

The most compact detector is the three-channel version in a TO-39 housing!

The following product lines are available:

  • Two-channel detectors with filters
    L12 and L22 series
  • Three-channel detectors with filters
    L13 and L23 series
  • Four-channel detectors with filters
    L14 and L24 series

We highly recommend pyrodetectors in voltage mode for experienced users.

Depending on the number of channels, we offer various versions as follows:

  • Dual-channel pyrodetectors
    L32 and L42 series
  • Triple-channel pyrodetectors
    L33 and L43 series
  • Quad-channel pyrodetectors
    L34 and L44 series



Pyroelectric detectorscan be used for:

  • Medical gas analysis such as breath gas analysis
  • Industrial gas analysis
  • Flame detection

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