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Conversion Screens

Conversion screens, also known as sensor cards, make invisible laser radiation visible. Conversion screens are held as sensors directly in the laser beam. There are versions available for low, medium, and high power lasers.

Conversion Screens

Our conversion screens make your laser visible in the range from 250-600 nm, 700-1700 nm, and 1.5 20 µm.

Conversion Screens

We have the world’s most comprehensive range of conversion screens for a wide variety of power levels and the entire spectral range from UV to IR. All conversion screens convert nonvisible laser radiation to visible light or thermal images. It is not necessary to activate the screens using UV light because they come ready to use.  

For applications in the NIR with low or medium power, we recommend using LDT-007BN, LDT-008TL or LDT-1064N screens.  

Our top model for high power applications in the wavelength range from 800-1700 nm is the LDT-1064BG.

The LDT-1064C features a larger active area.

LDT-1064CN has been developed for high power levels up to 200 W/cm² and is mounted on a ceramic plate.

The LDT-1.5-5 and LDT-5-20 detection cards are new in our product range and cover the wavelength range from 1.5-20 µm.

All stated power levels refer to use in daylight. In darkened rooms significantly lower minimum power levels apply. Also, some stated maximum power levels can be exceeded two- or three-fold if exposure occurs only a fraction of a second or the card is moved quickly. Due to the limited heat capacity no card is suited for permanent exposure to a laser beam. They should be slightly moved. This also improves the image quality and certain low power models bleach less during movement.

If, however, a card burns, please avoid eye contact and do not inhale the fumes or particles from the active area.

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