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With its office in the Île de France area just outside Paris, LASER COMPONENTS France is positioned at the very heart of French economy. More than thirty percent of the French GDP are generated in this area, and it also serves as a vital public transport hub. This allows our sales engineers quick access to all the major industrial centers of France.  

The company was set up in February 2007 with just a few employees. Since then, we built up an experienced, high-performance team of 10 people and established a robust presence in the market with a customer base of several hundred. Our product portfolio mirrors the diverse range of the LASER COMPONENTS Group with a focus on Optosystems, Infrared Products, Laser Optics, and Active Components.  

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The French Photonics Industry

The French photonics industry is well developed within the country’s highly diversified and resilient economy. It offers a complete value chain from single components to entire systems. The photonics industry in France is characterized by its rapid growth, strong presence of companies, integrators and startups and its contribution to some of the main sectors of the French economy such as defense, security, space, and aeronautics as well as major research infrastructures.

The industry is a significant contributor to the French economy, with a strong focus on research, innovation, and industrial development. The photonics industry includes 1,051 companies with a combined turnover of around €19 billion and has created 73,000 jobs throughout France*. Paris region alone creates more than 30 new photonics startups every year. (*31.12.2023).

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Current trends in several key technologies promise trigger new opportunities for growth and innovation for the French photonics industry: 

The ongoing trend to high-speed communications will trigger an increasing demand for faster and more reliable systems to support a wide range of applications in both consumer and industrial settings. The resulting advancements in high-speed internet infrastructure call for new, innovative photonics solutions tailored for high-speed communication networks and data centers.  

Another trend is closely linked to this development: The emergence of artificial intelligence calls for innovative solutions in data processing and computing. Experts expect photonics technologies to play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of AI-driven systems, spanning from edge computing devices to large-scale data centers. 

Current advancements in silicon photonics, quantum photonics, and neurophotonics will allow for more sophisticated sensor technologies that promise to unlock new capabilities in sensing and monitoring. The effects will have a profound influence for a wide range of industries from healthcare and environmental monitoring to industrial automation and beyond.  

Developments such as diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPLs) and short-pulse lasers are assumed to trigger significant advancements in laser technology that revolutionize existing manufacturing processes and enable the development of novel applications in fields such as materials processing and medical diagnostics. 

All these emerging trends will have far-reaching influence on key sectors of the French economy such as the aerospace, automotive and defense industries as well as many fields of research. LASER COMPONENTS France keeps strong business relationship to many leading industrial manufacturers and the academic world. Our in-house teams, together with our experts at our production sites, are ready to support these changes and future developments.

Our Dedicated and Highly Qualified Team 

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The team of LASER COMPONENTS France is highly committed to the company, regardless of position or function. Our sales team is made up of highly qualified engineers and employees with PhDs in physics whose respective backgrounds have been complemented by renowned business schools and many years of experience in the market. The company's management style leaves plenty of room for responsibility and autonomy.  

Just a few minutes from public transport and motorway, the office is situated on the slopes near the Meudon observatory, overlooking the Seine and Paris. This location is ideal both for serving our customers quickly, and for providing a pleasant working environment for all staff. In addition to that, all employees are given the flexibility of working from the office or from home, which allows for a high level of work-life balance.  

With its strategic location, experienced team, and diverse product portfolio, LASER COMPONENTS France stands as a reputable player in its market, poised for continued growth and success. 


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