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Laser White Light Sources

Laser white light offers unique performance properties in low divergence and waveguide delivery for medical, biomedical, machine vision, and specialty illumination applications. Based on patented semipolar GaN laser diodes, the sources use advanced phosphor technology providing minimal power consumption and a long lifetime with highly directional output.

LaserLight SMD

LaserLight Surface Mount Devices

LaserLight SMD, a winner in high luminance, is the world’s first laser-generated white light source.

Laser White Light Sources

LaserLight SMD is the world's first high luminance, laser white light emitter in a compact 7 mm SMD package. Featuring 450 lumen and more than 1000 Mcd/m², LaserLight SMD enables ultra-long throw distances, narrow beam angles and small optic sizes for specialty lighting applications.


  • 450 lumen and 6000 K CCT
  • Worlds highest luminance 1000 Mcd/m²
  • Enables < 2deg beam angle from 35 mm optic
  • Compact 7 mm SMD, star package mount with built-in safety features


  • Enables ultra-long throw distance for long range applications, up to 10x that of LED
  • High luminance enables micro-luminaries
  • Compatible with high efficiency waveguide delivery
  • Sharp beam cutoff and high contrast light field gradients
  • Scalable into tiled array configurations


  • Medical
  • Biomedical
  • Machine vision
  • Specialty Illumination

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