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IR detectors, avalanche photodiodes, PIN detectors and also modules can be found here.


Pulsed Laser Diodes, cw laser diodes, Laser modules and much more are part of our emitter portfolio

Fiber Optics

Our fiber assemblies, optical fibers and CAbles, active and passive components ase well as devices for fiber processing are in this category.

Measurement Devices

Here one can mainly find devices for measuring the laser beam to determine power, energy and other specifications.

Laser Safety Products

Our range of laser protection includes various products for protection against laser radiation.


Laser optics, filters and other components for shaping the laser beam can be found here.

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LASER COMPONENTS is your partner for all laser and optoelectronics-related products. Our large portfolio is divided into the following categories: Detectors, Laser Diodes, Laser Modules, Electronics, Laser Optics, Optical Filters, Measurement Technology, Fiber Optics, and Laser Accessories. Just as diverse as those products, so are their respective applications which span from sensor technology to rangefinding, from biotechnology to environment and life sciences, and medicine. Typical industrial applications such as laser material processing or measurement technology are also part of our every-day business as well as industrial image processing and telecommunications. Make the right choice and opt for LASER COMPONENTS: We offer competent service in all areas of our comprehensive product range. Customer-specific developments are one of our particular strengths.

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Beyond Borders

Your project and your requirements set the pace at LASER COMPONENTS. We make sure that all our product specifications are perfectly tailored to your system. With our extensive range, it often takes just a few adjustments to turn a standard product into a customized solution. You know your project and we know what our components can do. That is why our product engineers always work closely with your developers and experts. The result will provide the best of both worlds.

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Product Developments

Your project and your requirements set the course at LASER COMPONENTS. We work with you to develop a solution that meets all your requirements, and we are always thinking one step ahead. Products such as our trichroid polarization optics were originally developed in cooperation with our customers. 

GSM-I Conactless Pipe Measurement GSM-I Conactless Pipe Measurement

You Know the Target,
We’ll Find a Way

A laser beam is generally a rather straightforward matter. But what if you want to use it to measure pipes or other cavities – without vulnerable moving elements? Together with a mechanical engineering company from the Sauerland region, the companies of the LASER COMPONENTS Group developed a 360° laser module that generates a continuously homogeneous laser ring. The result was the first high-quality ring laser that also meets the high demands of industrial image processing.  


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The FLEXPOINT radial was a new development for one of our customers
The Theater of Billions of Colors The Theater of Billions of Colors

Unusual Ideas Become New Products

Your project and your requirements set the course at LASER COMPONENTS. We work with you to develop a solution that meets all your requirements, and we are always thinking one step ahead. Products such as our trichroid polarization optics were originally developed in cooperation with our customers. 

It always starts with the application: The customer wanted to combine two laser beams that could be either red, green, or blue. It was important to him to achieve all possible RGB combinations at the output. A classic beam splitter was therefore out of the question because these optics do not work if both beams have the same wavelength. 

It quickly became clear to our sales engineer that the effect desired by the customer could only be achieved via polarization. In principle, it should be possible to develop a trichroid thin-film polarizer that is precisely tailored to the RGB wavelengths. But no one had ever tried it before. The experts set to work and soon, for the first time, they were able to come up with an optical system that can simultaneously separate the polarizations of three wavelengths. The customer now has the freedom to combine all colors flexibly and to increase the intensity or contrast of the same colors. 

To offer you this advantage, experienced and technically competent sales engineers at LASER COMPONENTS always work closely with the production departments and R&D experts. Specialists from different disciplines complement each other perfectly, giving you the freedom to develop new products together with us or to further develop existing products to meet your needs. 


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Optics and Photonics DaysHelsinki, Finland28. May. 2024 - 30. May. 2024
Visit us in Helsinki
Every year, Finland's optics and photonics industry meets at the OPD.
PLIBordeaux, France18. Jun. 2024 - 19. Jun. 2024
Visit us in Bordeaux 
Experts from the world of industrial laser processes will meet at the PLI Conferences 2024.
Trade Show
Sensors ConvergeSanta Clara, USA24. Jun. 2024 - 26. Jun. 2024
Visit us at booth 316
Sensors Converge is the largest electronics event for developers in North America.
Laser Radar ConferenceLandshut, Germany23. Jun. 2024 - 28. Jun. 2024
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Our latest innovations in InGaAs detectors and in the THz range open up new perspectives.
OPTIQUE NormandieRouen1. Jul. 2024 - 5. Jul. 2024
Visit us at the OPTIQUE Normandie 
Come to the largest specialist congress of the French-speaking optics community.
Optica Sensing CongressToulouse, France15. Jul. 2024 - 19. Jul. 2024
Visit us at Booth 300
Developers, suppliers and users will gather at the Optica Sensing Congress in Toulouse to exchange information on the latest advances in optics-based sensor technology.
Trade Show
SPIE Optics & PhotonicsSan Diego, CA21. Aug. 2024 - 23. Aug. 2024
Visit us in San Diego
The show and its associated conferences cover a wide range of technologies and applications.
Trade Show
​dibkom Fachtagung BerlinBerlin, Germany5. Sep. 2024
Visit us in Berlin
Take this opportunity to discuss the legal basis and the right technologies with installers, electrical engineers, and municipal utilities.
Trade Show
FRK-BreitbandkongressLeipzig, Germany11. Sep. 2024 - 12. Sep. 2024
Visit us at Booth no. 20
The FRK Broadband Congress has established itself as an important forum for the exchange of opinions and discussion in the Saxon fiber optic industry.
FLAIRAssisi, Italy16. Sep. 2024 - 20. Sep. 2024
Meet us in Assisi
Many consider FLAIR the most important event for the IR community.
MicronoraBESANÇON​, FRANCE24. Sep. 2024 - 27. Sep. 2024
Visit us in Besançon​
Discover the latest innovations from the exciting world of micro and precision technologies.
W3 + Fair JenaJena, Germany25. Sep. 2024 - 26. Sep. 2024
Visit us at booth E6
The W3+ Fair at the Jena Photonics Hub employs a cross-industry concept to strengthen contact between high-tech companies and users.
Trade Show
VisionStuttgart, Germany8. Oct. 2024 - 10. Oct. 2024
Visit us on hall 10, Booth C20
Machine vision is becoming increasingly important as a key technology for automated processes and Industry 4.0.
Trade Show
Optics & Photonics in SwedenGothenburg, Sweden6. Nov. 2024 - 7. Nov. 2024
Visit us in Gothenburg

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